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Metallic Jewelry-Inspired Temporary Tattoos

About Jewelry Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are making a comeback in the form of metallic accessories. Flash Tattoos are jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos that have become the new craze among many women and girls. Forget the old, dull temporary tattoos – there is a new metallic tattoo trend that is taking over.

Flash tattoos are generally inspired by a gold, silver, or other metallic piece of jewelry. The designs are commonly placed around wrists, ankles, necks, fingers, etc. There are also a variety of designs such as feathers, wings, arrows, and palm trees that can be placed around the body. The concept is great for people that want to add a little extra or accessorize an outfit when at the beach, concert, festival, party, or other day to day activity. Being able to wear a flash tattoo rather than an actual piece of jewelry not only spices up your outfit but also eliminates the risk of losing one of your favorite accessories.

 Like other temporary tattoos, Flash tattoos are safe and will only last for a few days. Just apply the stencil to your skin and hold a wet cloth to it for a few minutes and before you know it – you have a new accessory! If you are looking to glam up your next outfit, try one of the Flash tattoo designs below.